How to lure early lambs

2020-10-08 16:43:02 Dy 1

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7-10 days after birth, lambs will imitate the behavior of the ewe and eat a certain amount of fodder when they follow the ewe to graze or feed. At this time, the soybeans can be fried, crushed and sprinkled in the feeder to lure lambs. In the initial stage, each lamb can be fed with 10-50 grams per day, and the supplementary amount should be gradually increased after the lamb gets used to it. Lamb supplementary feeding should be carried out separately. When the lamb's feed intake reaches about 100 grams, a mixed concentrate containing about 24% crude protein can be used for supplementary feeding. In the late lactation period, lambs can be grouped separately during the day, and dedicated pastures are set for grazing, combined with supplementary feeding mixed concentrate; high-quality green hay can be placed on a hay rack and allowed to eat freely, preferably grass and leguminous green hay.

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