Methods of feeding sheep with different straws

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Rice straw, wheat straw, and corn straw can be micro-stored and then fed to sheep, which can not only improve the palatability of straw feed, but also increase the utilization rate of straw. Micro-storage of rice and wheat straw and corn stalks refers to adding microbial active strains to rice, wheat and corn stalks, and put them in sealed containers, such as cement tanks, crypts, cylinders, plastic bags, etc., for fermentation, generally after 1 month Around, the straw will become a rough fodder for livestock with acid and fragrance.

fed to sheep

When the straw fodder is micro-storage, the straw should first be cut into 3 ~ 5 cm long sections (for fermentation), and the straw fodder should be filled while crushing. At the same time, the preparation of the fermentation inoculum is carried out. Take 3 grams of the live fermented bacteria and dissolve them in 200 ml of 1% sugar water. After the bacteria are revived for 1 to 2 hours, add salt to the water to prepare a 1% salt solution. The specific preparation ratio is that 1 part of inoculum (mixed with 3 g of live dry bacteria and 200 ml of 1% sugar water) is added to 1200-1400 kg of 1% salt water and mixed evenly. It can store 1,000 kg of rice and wheat straws to ensure storage The water content of the material reaches 60% to 70%, which is convenient for the smooth completion of the fermentation; if 1,000 kg of yellow corn stalks are stored in a small amount, 1 part of live bacteria agent can be used, and 800 to 1,000 kg of 1% salt water can be added. For micro-storage of 1,000 kg of green corn stalks, only 0.5 part of the viable agent is needed, without salt water, and just mix and spray evenly with an appropriate amount of water (because the water content of the green corn stalks is higher, generally around 70%).

When the straw is micro-storage, you should first lay a layer of 30 cm thick straw on the bottom of the cellar and step on it with your feet. Then, while loading the straw, sprinkle the fungus solution while stepping on it, install 1 layer, sprinkle 1 layer and step on 1 layer. Circulate until the raw material is 40 cm above the mouth of the pit and then seal the pit. The moisture content of the straw, it is advisable to grab the straw and twist it with both hands and loosen it to see that the moisture in the hand is obvious. When micro-storage of rice and wheat straw, 0.5% corn flour and bran can be added for better effect. The method is to spread 1 layer of straw and remove 1 layer of flour, and then spray the bacteria liquid once, and the height of the cellar is 40 cm above the pit opening. After stepping on, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt on the top layer, and then cover it with a plastic sheet for sealing and fermentation. Spread 20 cm thick straw on top of the plastic cloth and cover with 50 cm soil. After the cellar was closed, it was found that it had sunk and filled it with soil in time. It can be eaten in the cellar in about 1 month.

Peanut vines have better palatability. Generally, there are two ways to feed the sheep. One is to knead the silk and add it to the compound feed as grass powder. The other is to feed directly after drying. The sheep like to eat.

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