• How to raise cattle to make money?

    Beef is the meat we often eat in our lives. Its nutritional cream and low fat content are very popular among consumers. The market price of beef has always been stable without major fluctuations, so m

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  • How to increase the profit of cattle breeding?

    Novices who raise cattle should get rid of the following misunderstandings in order to increase the profits of cattle raising.Single male parent breed: To increase the profitability of raising cattle,

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  • The mating age and service life of breeding cattle

    The initial mating age of beef cattle should be determined according to the breed and specific growth and development of the cattle, generally later than sexual maturity, and the initial body weight s

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  • How to tell if a cow is going to give birth?

    Endocrine and physiological changes in cattleThe first stage: the myometrium begins to contract (removes the hindrance of progesterone)Progesterone starts to go backwards and promotes the reduction of

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  • Prevention and treatment of freezing injury of dairy cows

    Raising dairy cows in cold seasons can easily cause freezing damage to dairy cows. It is common in cold weather to tie the cows outside the enclosure in the cold wind for a long time or to raise and r

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  • What is the transmission route of bovine papilloma disease? How to treat?

    Bovine papilloma disease is a neoplastic infectious disease caused by bovine papilloma virus, with papilloma formed on the skin and mucous membranes as the main symptoms. The main transmission routes of this disease are sick cattle and pollutants. In mild cases, it can resolve spontaneously. In severe cases, surgery can be performed.

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  • What are the symptoms of cattle constipation? How to treat?

    The obvious symptom of cattle constipation is the difficulty of suffering from steak stool, which usually occurs in adult cattle, especially older cattle. Cow constipation mostly occurs in autumn. Whe

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  • The adverse effects of overweight and lean cows on reproduction

    The nutritional control of cows is very helpful for reproduction, and both excessive and poor conditions will adversely affect reproduction.In the case of over-nutrition, breeding cows are prone to ob

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