• Main points of feeding and management techniques for stable production of dairy cows

    1. FeedThe feed mix should be diversified. There are three meals a day. The concentrate should be mainly cornmeal, bean cake, cottonseed cake, and bran, and sufficient drinking water should be provide

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  • Ewes need good care during pregnancy

    At the moment, entering a few cold days is not good for the growth and development of ewes and fetuses. Therefore, it is necessary for the old and weak ewes to take care of meticulous care, prevent di

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  • What should I pay attention to when feeding cattle?

    Cattle breeding is an important breeding industry in our country. With the continuous development of society, the degree of large-scale breeding is getting higher and higher, but it is accompanied by

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  • What should I do if a new born lamb can't stand up?

    Sick sheep can be placed in a spacious and ventilated barn to restrict movement. Then treat as follows:1. Add oats or barley sprouts to the diet, supplement calcium phosphate, and also mix in vegetabl

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  • White goat breeding technology

    White goats are our common indigenous goats, which are distributed in many regions of our country and are also very common in our country's goat breeds. White goats have strong disease resistance, resistance to rough feeding, and are very convenient for breeding and suitable for pastoral breeding. But for farms, when there are a lot of sheep, they need to have a certain breeding technology to facilitate the better growth of sheep and maintain a good and stable income.

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  • Cashmere goat breeding technology and matters needing attention

    It is not difficult to breed cashmere goats. It can be raised in grazing mode or in captivity, especially where there are breeding conditions. Long-term grazing can reduce a lot of breeding costs. For friends who want to raise cashmere goats, the basic breeding techniques need to be familiar and mastered.

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  • Fine wool sheep breeding technology and matters needing attention

    It is not difficult to breed fine-wool sheep, as long as you choose a suitable site and conduct scientific breeding management, you can raise the sheep well. In the breeding process, pay attention to the different breeding methods of fine-wool sheep at different stages, and pay attention to make adjustments when necessary.

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  • 7 things to pay attention to when raising sheep in winter

    The cold weather in winter is a very important season in the process of raising sheep. At this time, there is very little green feed and mostly dry feed. At the same time, cold weather needs to be done to keep warm. Poor management can easily cause the economic profit of the sheep farm to decline, and in serious cases, it may cause sheep disease. Therefore, it is recommended that sheep farmers pay attention to the following 7 things this winter:

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