• How to raise newborn lambs?

    Since newborn lambs are still relatively young, their adaptability and disease resistance are weak, and breeding management needs to be strengthened. In addition, at the same time, care should be taken not to frighten the lambs, and to improve a healthy and good living environment. For those with insufficient milk from the ewe, we must promptly feed them according to the actual situation.

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  • Fine wool sheep breeding technology and matters needing attention

    It is not difficult to breed fine-wool sheep, as long as you choose a suitable site and conduct scientific breeding management, you can raise the sheep well. In the breeding process, pay attention to the different breeding methods of fine-wool sheep at different stages, and pay attention to make adjustments when necessary.

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  • Add some copper to the sheep in cold weather

    The growth of wool has a close relationship with copper. If you don't pay attention to it, it will directly affect the quality of wool. Lack of copper in the forage can cause anemia in sheep, redu

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  • Learn to give sheep medicine and injection

    In the prevention and treatment of diseases, sheep mostly use injections and direct feeding methods, and generally do not use drinking water and mixed materials. Here to share the author's experie

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