Feeding methods for fast fattening of beef cattle in mountainous areas

2020-11-30 16:10:31 dy

There are two most commonly used methods for fast fattening of beef cattle in mountainous areas:

beef cattle

The first is grazing and feeding: this method is simple and easy to implement, mainly local resources, less input, suitable for areas with abundant pasture resources and no shortage of labor, fattening cattle graze outside during the day, and feed grass or straw at night after harvesting , Ad libitum, feed 1.5-2 kg of concentrate daily, the fattening period is generally 3 months, and the cattle will be sold when the weight reaches about 350 kg.

The second is simple house feeding and fattening: this method uses ammoniated or micro-storage straw as the main feed, appropriate supplement of concentrate, and cows are fed all day in the house. Straw is added every day to make the cow full. The amount of concentrate is 2 to 2.5 kg per day. This method saves labor and effort, the fattening period is about 3 months, and the average daily gain of beef cattle is 1 to 1.1 kg. Farmers can choose appropriate fattening methods based on local conditions to achieve the desired fattening effect. Beef cattle breeding technology in mountainous areas can be summarized as follows: use domestic and foreign excellent beef cattle breeds to improve the hybrid offspring of local cattle or shelf cattle as the source of fattening cattle. Straw silage, ammoniated forage combined with fattening concentrate, fast fattening by grazing plus captive breeding or simple house feeding can significantly improve the economic benefits of beef cattle production.

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