• How to improve the efficiency of sheep raising?

    Sheep is a herbivore. Compared with other domestic animals, it uses very rich feed resources. However, compared with pigs and chickens, it requires a longer feeding cycle. Therefore, how to reduce feeding costs has become the key to the success of large-scale sheep raising. In the process of mutton sheep breeding, the rational use of feed is a very critical technology, and reducing feeding costs is the key to increasing the profit of the sheep breeding base. So is there any way to effectively reduce feed costs?

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  • Four major reasons leading to low profitability of raising sheep

    There are many people who raise sheep, some earn it, some lose it, and some don't make it or lose it for raising sheep for a year. Regarding the lack of optimism about the benefits of raising sheep, in addition to the impact of market sheep prices, what other factors will lead to the low profitability of raising sheep? Here is an introduction for you:

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  • Nine Taboos for Sheep Drinking Water in Spring

    Avoid lack of waterShort-term lack of water will reduce the appetite and productivity of the sheep; long-term lack of water will cause the sheep’s rumen fermentation difficulties, indigestion, food st

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  • Pay attention to these points when sheep drinking water in spring

    The temperature is still low in spring, and you should still pay attention to drinking water for the sheep. Otherwise, the sheep's drinking water will be insufficient, which will not only slow down the digestion process of the sheep's feed, hinder the metabolism of the body, and decrease the body condition, but also cause various diseases.

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  • Main points of feeding and management techniques for stable production of dairy cows

    1. FeedThe feed mix should be diversified. There are three meals a day. The concentrate should be mainly cornmeal, bean cake, cottonseed cake, and bran, and sufficient drinking water should be provide

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  • The protein requirement of dairy cows during pregnancy

    The factorial method to estimate the nutritional needs of pregnancy requires understanding the rate of nutrient deposition in the gestational tissues (fetus, placenta, amniotic fluid and uterus) and t

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  • Ewes need good care during pregnancy

    At the moment, entering a few cold days is not good for the growth and development of ewes and fetuses. Therefore, it is necessary for the old and weak ewes to take care of meticulous care, prevent di

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  • How to raise cattle to make money?

    Although the cattle price market has been in a relatively stable state, it is not too easy to make money by raising cattle. It can be said that more than half of the newbies in cattle raising have fai

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