How to breed Meat sheep to grow fast?

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Because the feeding of mutton sheep mostly uses coarse fodder such as forage and straw, the input and cost of mutton sheep breeding are low, and the characteristics of mutton sheep's easy breeding, large sales volume, low cost and high return have promoted the rapid development of mutton sheep breeding in recent years. So, for breeding mutton sheep, how can mutton sheep grow fast?

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1. Choose good breeds of mutton sheep

Sheep farms or sheep-raising households should select appropriate sheep breed combinations according to local environmental characteristics to realize a multi-hybrid fattening system.

2. Choose a breeding mode

When raising mutton sheep, it depends on everyone’s breeding mode. Sooner or later, you need to supplement a certain amount of concentrated feed. The concentrated feed is mainly high-protein energy. When feeding the concentrated feed, you can leave some forage for the mutton sheep to eat at night. .

In captivity, you should pay attention to eating more and a small amount. The absorptive capacity of sheep is not very strong, so feeding diligently is more conducive to nutrient absorption and fattening.

The feed should be fed with mixed feed. 30% concentrated feed plus 50% roughage plus 10% protein feed plus 10 fresh forage is a suitable ratio for feeding feed. Feed water every time you feed, and you must feed warm water in winter.

3. Scientifically feeding sheep

The species are raised separately, and the meat sheep at different time periods are different in all aspects, and the fattening effect is even better after separation. The young sheep pay more attention to forage in the early stage, and in the growing period, they mainly rely on feed for the fattening effect, and the feeding amount of the two is very different. Feeding together will easily lead to the failure of both of them to fatten well. Secondly, for the fattening effect, it is recommended to quickly implement captive breeding, which is convenient for management and can effectively reduce the energy consumption of mutton sheep and make the fattening effect better.

4. master the fattening skills of mutton sheep

The fattening of farmed mutton sheep is prone to disease. After the disease occurs, mutton sheep generally show weight loss and do not eat, which seriously affects the fattening effect. There are data showing that the cleanliness of the sheep house will affect the fattening speed of the mutton sheep in a certain proportion. . During daily observation, some mutton sheep who eat less can be fed some medicines that are conducive to digestion, and it is good to mix them in the feed. Everyone should keep in mind that the fattening speed of forage is generally not as fast as that of feed, and the cost difference between the two is very small. Therefore, the forage must still supplement nutrition when fast fattening mutton sheep, and feed is the main product.

You can also use a cow visual insemination gun to increase the success rate of artificial insemination.

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