Methods to improve the quality of cattle feed silage

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Methods to improve the quality of cattle feed silage

1. Control the moisture of silage raw materials. When the moisture content of silage raw materials is between 65% and 70%, it is most ideal for silage of most silage crops. For this reason, the silage crops should be harvested in the right time (that is, the whole plant with ears of green corn should have 3 to 4 leaves in the lower part of the whole tree to turn brown; for simple silage corn stalks, it should be when the corn stalks have more than half of the green leaves. ); If the water content of the raw material is too much, it can be properly dried and then stored or mixed with coarse bran, crushed hay, etc.; if the water content of the raw material is too low, water can be properly evenly sprayed or mixed with watery green and juicy feed. It is advisable to hold the raw material firmly with your hands, and show water droplets between your fingers instead of dripping.

2. The silage raw materials contain a certain amount of sugar. When the raw materials contain less sugar and more protein (such as peanut seedlings, soybean straws, alfalfa grass, etc.), it is not suitable to silage alone, and it is better to mix silage with raw materials with more sugar.

3. Fast cellar loading and topping. Once the feed silage starts, it is necessary to concentrate manpower and material resources to quickly install and cap the cellar, and the cellar must be evenly installed, pay attention to compaction, and the top must be tightly sealed to prevent water leakage and ventilation.

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