Five feeds are not suitable for feeding sheep in autumn

2020-11-11 16:25:33 Dy

It is another season when the autumn is cool, and when the sheep farmers come to store feed, they must pay attention to the following five feeds that are not suitable for feeding sheep:

Feeding sheep

1. The soft skin of corn on the cob. The soft skin peeled off after harvesting corn on the cob is soft and sweet, and sheep like to eat it. Especially when sheep are hungry, they often swallow whole pieces. It is very dangerous to feed the sheep directly with the whole piece of soft corn on the cob, if it is not short or mixed with grass. Because corn cob soft skin contains a lot of crude fiber, it is extremely tough and not suitable for chewing and digestion. It often accumulates in the sheep’s stomach and causes obstruction. After a long time, it will ferment, rot, produce gas, and produce a lot of toxic substances.

2. Rain grass or dew grass. Raindrops bring dust and bacteria in the atmosphere to the grass blades and stems, polluting the grass or green material, and it is even more serious in light rain or fog. Because the fog is more dusty, and the grass after rain is most likely to contaminate the soil. At this time, if the sheep eat, it will cause rumen bulging disease and gastroenteritis. Shows symptoms such as diarrhea, and will die if not treated in time. Therefore, when shepherding sheep in autumn, we must wait for the sun to rise and the dew to disappear in the morning, and then we must harvest before the dew appears in the evening.

3. The second crop of sorghum and corn after harvest. Sorghum and corn seedlings harvested in autumn contain a lot of hydrocyanic acid. Hydrocyanic acid is a highly toxic substance, and sheep are easily poisoned after eating it.

4. Frosted castor plant stems and leaves. Sheep eat a lot of castor plant stems and leaves and semi-ripe seeds, especially the castor plant stems and leaves and tender seeds that have been beaten by frost, which are easily poisoned.

5. Semi-dry and semi-wet sweet potato seedlings. Sweet potato seedlings are indeed a kind of green fodder that sheep love to eat, but semi-wet and semi-dry sweet potato seedlings should not be used to feed sheep, because the fiber of this kind of sweet potato seedlings is soft, and the sheep will tend to entangle into clumps after eating, forming a hard ball of dung. Some are blocked in the small intestine and some are blocked in the large intestine. If diagnosis and treatment are not timely, the mortality rate is very high.

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