How to feed sheep during long-distance transportation

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feed sheep

1. Choose good weather for transportation, avoid high heat, cold, windy, rainy weather.

2. Avoid overfeeding before loading. You can increase the amount of concentrate and reduce the amount of rough forage.

3. If there is only one or two days on the road, you can skip feeding halfway.

4. For transportation for more than one day, drink water 1-2 times a day, add oral rehydration salt and multiple vitamins in the water; feed once a day for more than two days, can be fed a small amount of concentrated feed and digestible grass or green hay.

5. After returning to the factory, let the sheep rest for 2 hours before drinking water, small amounts and several times, and also add oral rehydration salts and vitamins. After resting for 5-6 hours, start feeding, eat a small amount of meals, and gradually increase the amount daily.

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