Can sheep catch a cold? What should I do if the sheep catches a cold?

2020-10-13 13:47:19 Dy

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Sheep cold is a common disease in sheep raising. It is divided into two types: common cold and influenza. Moreover, there is no specific time for the onset of colds in sheep. It can be said that colds may occur throughout the year. Therefore, we usually focus on prevention of colds in sheep, and there is no other simpler way. Here are some information about the symptoms, prevention methods and causes of colds in sheep, for reference only.

1. Causes of colds

Sheep colds mostly occur when the weather changes suddenly, followed by improper management of the flock, poor sanitary environment in the sheep shed or relatively humid, poor permeability, and poor air circulation can also cause a cold. Grazing in colder weather can cause the sheep to catch cold and catch a cold, as well as excessive exercise or sweating after exercise without management and direct detention in the sheep house can also cause a cold. Then, due to malnutrition, the body's immunity is reduced, and bacteria enter the respiratory tract and multiply in large numbers, which can also cause a cold.

2. Symptoms of a cold

The symptoms of a sheep cold are as the body temperature rises, but the limbs are cold, the mental state is not good and the phenomenon of lethargy, the slow breathing will appear very fast, the eyes will appear red bloodshot and overflowing, and the symptoms of runny nose and continuous She’s coughing, she doesn’t eat much, her nose is dry, her stools are dry and smelly, and she sometimes has diarrhea. These are all symptoms of a sheep’s cold.

3. Treatment methods

It is mainly used for cooling, analgesia and anti-inflammatory. You can use 5-10 ml of compound aminopyrine or 5-10 ml of 30% diazepam for injection. You can also use traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as Houttuynia cordata and Bupleurum to decoct the sheep. It can be treated with medicines specifically for sheep colds such as Baibingxiao and Gankang, and other medicines such as Radix Isatidis can be added to the feed for prevention when the weather changes. After the sheep catches a cold, they can be injected with antibiotics to prevent recurrence.

4. Matters needing attention

In fact, sheep colds are largely related to the management of the sheep. At the same time, prevention of colds is usually the main thing. When breeding, the sheep pens are cleaned from time to time, and the sheep pens are disinfected and sterilized. After feeding, clean the troughs and water troughs in time, and then keep the sheep pens dry and air circulating. When feeding, you can add some harmless anti-cold antibiotics to the feed. After the rain, you must dry it before putting it in the sheep house.