How to prevent sores on lamb's mouth

2020-10-15 17:06:49 Dy

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The sore on the lamb’s mouth is aphthous. As the saying goes, the mouth is sore and the mouth is rotten. First, there was a small red spot around the mouth, and finally a pustule formed. The lamb felt pain and was unwilling to eat, lacking energy, thick and dark hair, slowly losing weight, and finally died. So in this case, what are the first things to do?

1. Isolate the sick sheep to prevent infection to other sheep and conduct thorough disinfection;

2. Give this sheep some good, easy-to-digest, soft, close-fitting feed;

3. Prepare enough clean drinking water;

4. First wash with light salt water, and then mix 1:1 with medical purple syrup or iodine tincture and glycerin to smear the sore area;

5. Apply the medicine twice a day to prevent the sheep from being washed away when drinking water.

6. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs are used together, orally or intramuscularly, to achieve both internal and external treatment, which is relatively faster and can reduce lamb suffering.

In short, aphtha is a contagious viral infectious disease, which is more prone to disease. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of epidemic prevention and vaccination. During the breeding process, it is necessary to observe frequently, early detection, early isolation and disinfection, and early treatment. Especially for newly purchased sheep, do not mix them with sick sheep to prevent cross-infection, causing disease in large groups and causing significant economic losses.

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