How to deal with dampness in sheep shed?

2022-01-17 16:50:36 dy

Wetness in mutton sheep breeding pens is a very common basic problem, mostly caused by weather, environment, terrain, structure of breeding pens and other reasons, so how to properly deal with these problems? Let's find out:

The most direct way is to naturally ventilate and ventilate, so that the air in the enclosure can be circulated, and the moisture will naturally be discharged. However, this situation does not solve all moisture problems. If it is excessively wet outside the pens just after the rain, it will be counterproductive. It is best to keep the enclosure closed so that moisture does not flow back into the enclosure and make the enclosure more humid.

The best way to dehumidify is to use a dehumidifier, which is a larger investment and is suitable for the kind of long-term relatively humid pen. However, pay more attention to the location of the dehumidifier, and the discharged moisture must be far away from the shed to prevent the moisture from flowing back. Of course, this does not need to be turned on all the time, and it is used when the sheep pen is continuously wet, which can greatly reduce the cost of electricity consumption, and the effect will not be too bad.

There is also a more practical way to lay some water-absorbing and moisture-absorbing substances on the wet sheep shed floor. This method is relatively cheaper than using a humidifier. However, the amount of labor is a little larger. To save money, you must work hard. Generally, you can use some dry sand, charcoal ash, sawdust, and hay. These things are also more common in rural areas. After the bedding has formed a certain dehumidification effect, it must be cleaned in time.

Wet sheep pens can also selectively put some desiccant, which is relatively simple and effective, and more economical, but it must be placed in a suitable position to prevent sheep from accidentally swallowing and ingesting and causing certain damage, and even death in serious cases. In general, this method requires a certain amount of technology in order to maximize the benefits.

The above are all solutions to the dampness of the shed. If you want to fundamentally solve this problem, you still need to design it when the shed is built. If you design drainage and defecation, install sheep beds, large windows for ventilation, skylight ventilation, etc., there will be no such troubles.

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