Can pig feed be fed to cattle? Can cows eat pig feed?

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Cattle friends often consult in the group: can pig feed be fed to cattle, why can’t pig feed be fed to cattle, can cattle eat pig feed, can cattle eat pig feed, can cattle feed pig feed, etc. On the issue of cattle, wants to share with you the topic of pig feed for cattle.

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Regarding the topic of feeding pig feed to cattle, there were two extreme answers after discussion in the group: experts think it is not possible, cattle farmers think it is.

    The reason why experts believe that it is not possible is that, firstly, pigs are omnivorous animals and cattle are herbivores. The two required nutrients are different, and pig feed is specially configured for the growth of pigs. Use will make certain nutrients lack and lead to malnutrition; secondly, pigs and cattle have different digestive systems. Pigs and humans have only one stomach, which can convert plant or animal food into easily absorbed nutrients. The cow has 4 stomachs, namely the rumen, reticulum, ventricle and abomasum. The feed flows through the four gastric compartments in sequence, and a part of it returns to the oral cavity for chewing before entering the valvular stomach. These 4 gastric compartments are not connected in a straight line, but interlaced. It is easy to digest plant feed. The ingredients in other pig feeds are not easy to digest. Pig feed is prone to poisoning when fed to cattle, so pig feed cannot be fed to cattle.

It is not unreasonable for cattle farmers to think that pig feed can be fed to cattle. This is confirmed by many cattle farmers in the breeding process. It is possible to feed pig feed to cattle for a short period of time, but it cannot be fed for a long time. Otherwise, malnutrition and other diseases will occur. The reasons are mentioned above. Therefore, it is generally used for fattening cattle. During the feeding process of fattening cattle, according to the normal ratio, it is made into concentrate and forage fed together. You can also put more corn to reduce feed costs. It is generally recommended that a fattening cattle and a pig feed at about 2 kg.

I searched the Internet for "Can pig feed be fed to cattle?" and I have seen the phenomenon of beef cattle being "struck to death" by feeding pig feed when raising beef cattle. Why? The main reason is that there are calcium phosphate, stone powder, vitamins, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate and other ingredients in the feed ingredients of pig feed. This pure formula feed is different from ordinary feed and is not suitable for feeding cattle in large quantities. We all know that the structure of the stomach of cattle is very different from that of pigs. If the pig feed is fed excessively, the stone powder and other ingredients in the feed will precipitate in the rumen of the cattle, causing delay and blockage of the rumen. In severe cases, it may be Endanger the lives of beef cattle.

Since feeding cows with pig feed is prone to some problems, why are so many people still feeding cows with pig feed? Because cattle feed is relatively small, it is difficult to buy in many places, or even impossible to buy at all. Another reason is that pig feed technology is mature, and cattle feed are generally of low grade, low trace elements, and no added drugs. Of course, this cannot It is the cattle that achieves the best growth rate. Although the use of pig feed will cause drug residue problems, the fish meal of the pig feed is a better raw material for rumen bypass protein, and it contains some hormones. The cattle fattening effect is naturally good. That's why Many pig farmers use suckling pig feed to feed their cattle to fattening. I believe that when the cattle feed matures, our cattle farmers are still willing to use cattle feed.

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