Treatment and prevention of traumatic reticulitis in cattle

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In the case of cattle traumatic reticulum, symptomatic treatment should be used in treatment to quickly and effectively cure the sick cattle. Iron rod therapy can be used to treat mild cases, and surgery is needed for severe cases. In the process of raising cattle, strengthening feeding and management can effectively prevent the occurrence of this disease.

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1. The treatment of bovine traumatic reticulitis

a. Magnet rod therapy

If the sick cow can eat human iron foreign body into the reticulum, and the treatment can be taken in the early stage of the disease, it will have a certain therapeutic effect.

Sick cows are treated with Baoding first, then the mouth is opened, and the rumen iron remover is placed in the oral cavity, so that the magnet rod is sent along the oral cavity → throat → esophagus → rumen → reticulum. During the process of magnet delivery, continue to add water in the oral cavity to make the magnet rod and water enter the rumen at the same time, drive it for 15-20 minutes, then take out the magnet rod, and the reticulum stomach can be taken out under the action of strong suction The existing iron foreign body can be cured.

b. Surgical treatment

Before the operation, use 2% Lysur to spray disinfection on the ground, and immerse the used surgical instruments in 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution for disinfection.

The surgeon and assistant wash the arms thoroughly with warm soapy water, and then immerse them with 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution for 35 minutes.

The sick cow was in a standing position, Baoding, general anesthesia, the surgical site was washed and shaved with soapy water, and then washed with 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution, then disinfected with 5% iodine, and then covered with wound towels for isolation . Parallel to the posterior ribs, a 20cm incision was made at a position 8cm below the transverse process of the left lumbar spine and 5cm from the posterior costal arch. The skin, external oblique muscles, and internal oblique muscles were incised sharply, and the transverse abdominis muscles were bluntly separated. , And then carefully cut the peritoneum to expose the rumen.

Appropriate suture fixation is performed on the rumen, and then the rumen is incised about 15cm, and both sides of the wound edge should also be sutured and fixed to pull out the stomach wall to make the mucosa of the stomach wall turn out. The surgeon stretches his arm into the rumen, takes out 2/3 of the rumen contents on the left, and then carefully explores the foreign body in the rumen by hand in a certain order, and then explores the reticulum.

From each polygonal mucosal fold on the anterior wall of the reticulum stomach and the bottom of the stomach to the reticulum cavity, check for piercing foreign bodies, abscesses and induration on the stomach wall.

If there is no abscess or induration, but hard objects can be touched on the anterior wall of the reticulum, the surgeon pulls the anterior wall of the reticulum into the cavity of the reticulum with a hand to ensure that there is no adhesion between the stomach wall and the diaphragm. After the foreign body is removed by hand, the rumen wall is sutured, and then the stomach wall is continuously inverted suture, then an appropriate amount of dissolved penicillin is sprinkled, and finally the various layers of the abdominal wall are conventionally sutured.

After the operation, the sick cow received an intravenous injection of a mixed solution consisting of 1000m110% glucose, 80ml vitamin C, 20m110% sodium benzoate, caffeine, and 200m110% sodium sulfadiazine in the morning; an intravenous injection of 1000m10.9% saline and 10g ampicillin in the afternoon The composition of the mixed solution is used once for 4 consecutive days. At the same time, a mixed solution consisting of appropriate amount of normal water, 500ml liquid paraffin, 500g sodium sulfate, 300g sodium bicarbonate, and 200g magnesium sulfate was given to the sick cow once a day for 3 consecutive days.

2. How to prevent bovine traumatic reticulitis?

a. It is the most fundamental, effective and basic method to prevent the occurrence of this disease by preventing sharp metal foreign bodies from being mixed into the forage feed. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of forage mowing, harvesting, and transportation. It is strictly forbidden to use scrap steel wire and wire baskets and containers; when processing and preparing feed, foreign objects such as metal, plastic and wood chips must be carefully cleaned out; For large-scale dairy farms, electromagnetic screens can be used to remove metal foreign bodies;

b. Regularly implement iron removal from the rumen and reticulum. Use metal detectors to check dairy cows 1-2 times a year, and use rumen iron extractors for positive cows to extract iron from the rumen and reticulum, effectively reducing the occurrence of this disease;

c. The method of putting the cattle into the magnetic cage in the rumen can prevent the occurrence of this disease.

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