What are the causes of infertility in cows? How to treat?

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Everyone knows that the average cow gives birth to one child a year, compared to other animals, there are not many, and the number of calves is not many each time, so the problem of breeding problems in the head cow will cause a lot of problems on the cattle farm. Economic losses. In some cattle farms, cows are infertile now, which really makes farmers anxious. In response to this phenomenon, it is recommended that you find the cause of this phenomenon, treat it symptomatically, and usually pay attention to strengthening feeding management to improve the reproductive capacity of the cows.

Cow infertility

What are the causes of infertility in cows?

1. Physiological infertility: mainly refers to abnormalities of reproductive organs. The common ones are obstruction of the fallopian tubes and atresia of the uterus, which prevents sperm from reaching the fertilization site, leading to infertility. It mainly occurs in primiparous cows, whose estrus cycle and ovulation are normal, and the rectal examination shows abnormal reproductive organs.

2. Pathological infertility: Generally, it is common in postpartum cows. Ovarian cysts, oophoritis and metritis, and abnormal estrus cycles are more common. The causes of the above-mentioned diseases are mainly caused by inadequate artificial insemination and sterilization, or improper removal of parturition or after birth.

How to treat cow infertility?

1. Follicular cyst: ① Use mammary caine, 20-30 ml, once a day for 5 days. ② Dexamethasone 30 mg intramuscularly, once a day for 5 days.

2. Recessive endometritis: When the cow is in estrus, use about 500 ml of warm normal saline to flush the uterus, drain the liquid after washing, and then inject 30 ml of mammary caine into the uterus, once a day for 3 days.

3. Suppurative endometritis: first use 0.1% potassium permanganate, repeatedly wash 2 to 3 times, once every other day, when the purulent secretion is reduced, inject 1 cefacillin, once a day, usually 3 It can be cured in about days.

4. Abnormal estrus cycle: use 3 boxes of Bazhen Yimu Pills and 2 bags of Angelica tablets. From 7 days before estrus, take it once a day for 3 times.

As long as cow infertility is diagnosed and treated timely and correctly, the cure rate can reach about 85%. According to the pathological characteristics, taking corresponding measures can achieve the expected results.

How to improve the reproductive capacity of cows?

1. Raising cows during pregnancy

Feeding and management of cows during pregnancy directly determines the physique and dystocia rate of cows, and greatly affects the reproductive ability of cows. If the cow is malnourished, it will be difficult to give birth due to weak physique and it will be difficult to recover within a short period of time after giving birth, so that normal estrus and breeding will not be possible. In the case of overnutrition or insufficient exercise, it can also cause dystocia. Once dystocia occurs, it will inevitably affect the reproduction of the cow. Cows should maintain moderate nutrition during pregnancy, and 70 to 80% body condition is appropriate. At the same time, attention must be paid to the supplement of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Properly increase the amount of cow exercise, do a good job in epidemic prevention, deworming and other health care work, so that the cow has a good physical fitness.

 2. Cow postpartum health care

When the cow enters the production stage, the breeder must be nearby to assist in the production. If the cow can be produced normally, artificial assisted delivery should be avoided. Cows drink brown sugar bran soup within 2 hours after giving birth, that is, use 1 kg of brown sugar, 1.5 kg of bran and 8-10 kg of boiling water to brew, and give it to the cow once after it has cooled to room temperature. Intramuscular injection of refined tetanus antitoxin within 24 hours after delivery to prevent tetanus. In the first 3 days after childbirth, 8-12 million units of penicillin and 20-30 ml of Yimu Chanhoukang are injected intramuscularly, twice a day for 3 days, for postpartum anti-inflammatory and promote lochia discharge. If lochia has not been drained or has obvious inflammation after 10 days postpartum, it is necessary to consider washing with normal saline, 0.01%~0.05% potassium permanganate solution or 1%~2% sodium bicarbonate and equivalent sodium chloride solution uterus.

3. Postpartum cow feeding

In the first 3 days after delivery, cows should be given less concentrated feed when they have poor appetite, and the content of wheat bran in the concentrated feed should be appropriately increased to restore the cow's digestive function as soon as possible. Then gradually increase the amount of concentrate feed, gradually reduce the wheat bran content to a normal level, and appropriately increase the protein feed content. The demand for minerals, trace elements and vitamins is also indispensable. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure adequate water intake. In addition to drinking water and soup, you can also feed green and juicy feed. When the calf reaches 10 days of age, the cow can be driven to the sports field to increase the amount of light and exercise.

4. Inducing cows to estrus

Cows that have been properly reared and managed will be in estrus within 2 months after giving birth and can be bred directly. If the cow has no signs of estrus within 2 months after delivery, and the nutritional level is up to standard and there is no inflammation, Chinese medicine can be used to aphrodisiac. The specific method is 100 grams each of actinolite and Yinyanghuo, angelica, astragalus, cinnamon, yam, 80 grams of rehmannia, grind and mix well, stir into the feed (bran, bran) once and feed it three times. The use of ovulation drugs can also promote estrus in cows. If the cow has poor physique or inflammation, it must be adjusted and treated before inducing estrus, otherwise it will be difficult to successfully conceive after breeding.

As long as the feeding management and health management of cows before and after delivery are well done, under normal circumstances, cows with five major problems will come into estrus within two months. If the cow is healthy, the breeder can take measures to promote estrus. It should be noted that the cows must be cured after they are sick, and do not bred while they are sick, otherwise the gains will not be worth the loss.

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