What causes cow lameness? How to prevent it?

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Causes of lame cows

Causes of lame cows:

1. Environment: Lameness is usually caused by bad factors in the environment, especially the type of cow's pen and the ground on which the cow walks. Regardless of the type of barn, it is necessary to provide enough comfortable resting space for the cows. Lameness often occurs in overcrowded barns and barns with poorly designed fences. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the behavior of dairy cows in order to detect and improve early.

2. Management: In actual production, dairy farmers often take action when they find a problem or a problem occurs. At this time, the problem is serious and difficult to solve. Therefore, we must have regular inspections, early detection, early treatment, and proactive comprehensive preventive measures.

3. Diseases: including foot rot. The key to the problem is to keep the hoof clean before and during antibiotic treatment. The most common mistake is improper hoof cleaning. It is not suitable because the cows are allowed to soil their hoofs after washing, or because the washing time is typically too short to allow the sick hoof to come into full contact with the disinfectant.

4. Nutrition: Nutrition mainly affects the lameness, hoof growth quality and laminitis of dairy cows from two aspects. On the one hand, the growth of the cow's hoof will be affected by trace elements, especially zinc. Adding high-utilization zinc to the diet shows that zinc can reduce the incidence of lameness by 24%. It needs to be emphasized that zinc is not a "magic bullet", and lameness caused by other factors should also be addressed at the same time. The recommended amount of zinc added is 3 grams per cow per day. On the other hand, too much protein in the diet can cause lameness. The principle is not yet clear. It may be that too much ammonia in the rumen can cause the death of bacteria and cause toxins in the blood, similar to acidosis, or it may be that the degradation products of excess protein including histamine can cause laminitis.

Everyone has an understanding of the problem of acidosis. Nutritionists emphasize the need to adjust the balance of the diet, especially through the rapid fermentation of carbohydrates and high-efficiency fiber to avoid acidosis as much as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to enabling high-yielding dairy cows in all environments to eat nutritionally balanced diets, and to meet the needs of dairy cows in production.

5. Genes: The unsound legs or hoofs of dairy cows will lead to a higher incidence of lameness, which will also be further aggravated by poor management and environmental problems.

The nutrients needed.

How to prevent cow lameness?

How to prevent cow lameness?

1. Determine the incidence of lameness in dairy cows in feedlots, understand the losses caused by lameness on the feedlots, find out the reasons and formulate solutions for lameness in dairy cows.

2. It is recommended to use probiotics, which can help stabilize rumen pH, increase dry matter intake and forage digestibility, and also reduce the incidence of lameness.

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