Comprehensive nursing techniques for cows after delivery

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Comprehensive nursing techniques for cows after delivery

Cows lose more water after delivery, so they should be fed with warm and sufficient bran, salt, and calcium gruel about 15 kilograms (1-2 kilograms of bran, 100-150 grams of salt, Calcium carbonate 50 grams), can play the role of warming the abdomen, filling hunger, and increasing abdominal pressure, which is beneficial to the discharge of the afterbirth and the recovery of the cow's physical strength. Note that the amount of salt should not be too large, otherwise it will increase the degree of udder swelling. At the same time, feed the cow 1-2 kg of high-quality, tender hay.

Drive the cow to stand up as soon as possible after childbirth to reduce bleeding, and it is also conducive to the resetting of the reproductive organs. To prevent uterine prolapse, the cow can be pulled slowly for about 15 minutes, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise. Within 8 hours after delivery, the afterbirth of a cow can usually fall off on its own. If it does not fall off after more than 24 hours, it should be treated as a retained afterbirth. After the afterbirth falls off, pay attention to the discharge of lochia. If there is lochia occlusion, that is, only dense and transparent secretions are seen within a few days after delivery, but dark red liquid lochia should be treated in time to prevent postpartum sepsis or metritis.

In the first few days of calving, the blood circulation in the cow’s udder and the activity control and regulation of the mammary alveoli have not reached the normal state, the udder is very swollen, and the internal pressure is also very high. Therefore, if it is a high-yielding cow, it is absolutely It is not possible to squeeze all the milk in the udder. Otherwise, the internal pressure of the udder will decrease significantly, causing aggravation of capillary leakage, a large loss of blood calcium and blood sugar, further aggravating breast edema, and causing postpartum paralysis of high-yielding dairy cows. Cause death.

The general principle is to squeeze only about 2 kilograms on the first day after delivery, enough for the calf to breastfeed, 1/3 of the amount of milk expressed each time on the second day, 1/2 of the amount of milk expressed each time on the third day, and squeeze after the fourth day net. For low-yielding cows and cows with no udder edema after delivery, this is not necessary. The milk can be squeezed out on the first day after calving.

For cows with severe postpartum udder edema, fully massage the udder after each milking, and apply heat to the udder for 5-10 minutes (a mixture of warm magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate is best) to promote the early disappearance of udder edema. If the cow is fed with warm motherwort brown sugar water (500g motherwort, 10kg water, and 500g brown sugar after decoction), take it 1-2 times a day for 2-3 days, and drain the cow lochia. And promote the recovery of the uterus after delivery.

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