Why doesn't the cow eat long?

2020-10-28 15:54:19 Dy

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1. Variety issues. There are many reasons why cows can’t eat long. For example, the problem of cow breeds. Sometimes the breed you choose is not very long. So no matter how you feed it, its growth rate is still very slow. Breeding cattle also have its advantages, that is, the meat quality will be better, but the meat yield is not high. If you want fast-growing cattle, then you can recommend breeding Simmental and Limousin and other breeds, which will grow at a faster rate. Much faster.

2. Unbalanced feed mix. In the case that the breed of cattle and other aspects are relatively normal, it is likely to be related to the combination of feed if it is not long. Many farmers do not pay much attention to the feed of cattle, and they think that they only need to be fed. Or feed some nutritious feed. In fact, cattle are very particular about eating, because their digestion ability is not very good, so it may cause indigestion due to excessive coarse grains or concentrates. Come up, so you see that it eats so much every day, but it hasn't grown up all the time, it can be explained.

3. The impact of pests and diseases. Cows are actually not as easy to raise as many people think. There are actually many diseases and insects on them, such as potential indigestion, parasites, and stiff cattle. These diseases and insects have a great impact on the growth of cattle. Digestion Badness will cause nutrient deficiency, and then coupled with parasites and other pests, it will suck the remaining nutrients in its body, so although it has been eating, it will not grow longer, because it simply does not have enough nutrients to maintain Normal growth.

Solution: The simplest and most straightforward way is to change high-quality breeds for breeding due to breed problems. Secondly, you need to carefully observe the cow's coat color, limbs, eyes, body and other aspects when selecting breeds. Whether it meets the standards, then select good varieties. As for the unreasonable feed mix, we can make the ingredients according to the expert's formula, for example, according to 50% corn meal, 30% soybean meal, 15% concentrate, trace elements and other disease prevention and promotion Five percent of the digested ingredients are used, so matching is also a very good choice. As for other formulas, consult relevant experts. After the ** is the impact of pests and diseases, we first need to strengthen feeding and management, and then solve the fundamental problem, and then vaccinate to prevent pests and diseases.

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