Goat scientific feeding method

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1. Scientific ingredients

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Two more practical feed formulas are introduced as follows: (1) Corn flour 45%, rice bran 20%, bean cake 10%, cottonseed cake 15%, wheat flour 12%, bean cake 30%, salt 1%, fish crushed%, Lambs are fed 150 grams a day after weaning. As the age increases, the daily feeding amount can be increased to 200 grams, 400 grams for 6 months and 500 grams for 7-8 months. You can choose one of the above two formulas. Sheep fattening is based on green hay, sweet potato seedlings and corn stalks. The compound is only used as a supplementary feed.

2. Feed additives

The commonly used additives are as follows: (1) Sheep fat compound feed additives. It is composed of trace elements, rumen metabolism regulator, growth promoter, etc. It is suitable for fattening sheep of the year and eliminated rams, old and weak adult sheep. Grazing sheep are fed with concentrates and mixtures for fattening for 90 days, with an average daily gain of 137 grams, which can significantly improve the fattening effect and economic benefits, shorten the fattening period, and save feed. (2) Monensin sodium, also known as rumen. The function is to control and improve the efficiency of rumen fermentation, thereby increasing the rate of weight gain and feed conversion rate. The dosage is 25-30 mg per kilogram of diet. (3) Olaquindox, also known as Kuaiyuling, is a synthetic antibacterial agent. It has the effect of promoting protein assimilation, adding 50 mg per kilogram of diet. (4) Urea. Its purpose is to supplement the lack of protein in the feed, and feed it by mixing 1.5%-2% in concentrate. The daily feeding amount accounts for 0.02% of the weight of the sheep, that is, the daily feeding amount of adult ewes is 10-15 grams, and the young sheep over 6 months old is 6-8 grams. The ** feeding amount can only be fed at 1/10 of the prescribed amount ,gradually increase. It can be added to the specified amount after 10 days. To prevent urea poisoning, urea cannot be fed alone or soluble in water. Do not drink water within half an hour after feeding. Feed less or no feed to sick sheep and weak sheep. In case of poisoned sheep, use 0.5% vinegar 200-500ml or 1-2kg yogurt to cure it.

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