How to fatten goats quickly?

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The fattening of goats is to obtain high-quality and high-volume mutton at low cost in a short period of time. The fattening methods in my country can be divided into grazing fattening, house feeding fattening and mixed fattening. In the domestic situation, fattening sheep is based on grazing, and short-term supplementary feeding of certain concentrates or agricultural and sideline products.

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1. Grazing and fattening

This is an economic fattening method, and it is also a traditional method in our pastoral and agricultural and pastoral areas. This is to gather the rams and old ewes that cannot be used for breeding, castrate the rams, and then deworm them. The fattening time is generally between August and September. The forages planted in this period bloom and are firm and have sufficient nutrients. The sheep eat this type of forage and gain weight quickly. The grazing can be sold or slaughtered until November.

2. Mixed fattening

On the basis of grazing and fattening, at the end of autumn, see which sheep have not grasped the fat well, supplement with some concentrate, and slaughter them after 30-40 days, which can further improve the carcass weight and meat quality.

3. House feeding and fattening

Making full use of the by-products of grain processing for fattening, the fattening effect of young sheep is better than that of old sheep, because young sheep, including growth and fattening, gain weight quickly; fattening of old sheep mainly accumulate fat, so weight gain is slow. House feeding and fattening are usually 75 to 100 days. If the time is too short, the fattening effect is not significant; if the time is too long, the feed lactic acid is low and the effect is not good. Lambs can gain 10-15 kg during fattening under good feed conditions.

4. Ammonified straw fattening

In southern my country, especially in the rural areas of Guangxi, sugarcane shoots, straw, corn stalks, etc. can be used to feed sheep fattening after ammoniating, which has better fattening effects. Using ammoniated feed, weaned lambs are fed in captivity, and they can be fed after 3 to 4 months.

The feeding ration formula of ammoniated straw feed is: 2 kg of ammoniated straw feed, 2 kg of various grass, vegetable leaves or sweet potatoes, 1 kg of compound feed (the formula of compound feed is: corn flour, cassava flour, peanut bran , Soybeans, 25%, bone meal, salt, additives, 5%, various grass meal 70%), a total of 5 kg. Based on the average fattening 100 days after weaning, 200 kg of ammoniated straw feed is needed to quickly fatten a goat.

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