How to deal with cow dung in cattle farms

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Cattle-raising friends often complained, "The environmental protection department has given me a word. If the cow dung is not handled properly, the cow farm will not be able to go on." Indeed, in recent years, the cattle-raising industry has developed rapidly. With the development of large-scale cattle-raising farms, the problem of cattle-raising pollution has become more and more serious. The most prominent method is the treatment of cow dung. Many cow dung has not been treated. The open space has caused air pollution and also breeds a large number of mosquitoes, affecting the surrounding living environment. How to deal with these outstanding problems scientifically, and how to use the cow dung from beef cattle breeding? The following is a detailed explanation of the common cow dung treatment methods for the majority of cattle-raising friends, and the cutting-edge technology of cow dung treatment, hoping to help cattle-raising friends solve the problem of daily cow dung treatment:

Cattle raising

1. Build a biogas digester. Building a biogas digester is the best way to treat small cattle farms. Using cow dung and cattle farm pollutants as raw materials and investing several thousand yuan can reduce the surrounding environment of the cattle farm and also bring gas. Small biogas digesters have no power generation function and are generally suitable for small cattle farms.

2. Cow manure organic fertilizer. The project is simple to handle. First, choose a spacious place, pour the ground with cement, and then put the cleaned cow dung on the concrete floor to dry, and use shading nets to close the surrounding area for processing and drying. Purchase medium-sized organic fertilizer treatment equipment to treat the cow dung. Processed into pellets, suitable for planting, transportation, etc., kill two birds with one stone. The current market price is about 50 kilograms per bag, which is worth a few yuan to a dozen yuan. It can be used as a good fertilizer and is mainly sold to areas where flowers and plants are grown. Hainan, Suqian and other regions. I believe everyone is familiar with organic vegetables. Its fertilizer is cow dung, also known as cow dung organic fertilizer. Cow dung organic fertilizer is fermented by biological bacteria to remove odor. Reduce heat production and high fertilizer efficiency. The process is rapid heating, deodorization, dehydration and decay. The benefit of using cow dung as fertilizer is also good.

3. Cow dung cultivation and breeding, etc.

a. Cattle dung to raise earthworms: Now earthworm breeding is a new type of business. The cost of breeding is low and the profit is good. It can be bred using cow dung. The market price is 10 yuan per catty. Cattle farms have more conditions to develop earthworm breeding than others. Local materials are collected, cow dung does not need to be purchased, and feeding is simple, increasing the extra income of the cattle farm.

b. Use cow dung to grow Agaricus bisporus: The market price of Agaricus bisporus remains stable. The main reason is that the planting area is small. The main raw material for growing Agaricus bisporus is cow dung. Those who are interested can visit the planting greenhouse, learn planting techniques, and then use their own cattle farm To develop the secondary industry.

The above are the common cow dung treatment methods I think, if you have good cow dung treatment technology, you can share them below. Everyone contributes to the cause of cattle breeding and contributes to the protection of the environment together. thank you all!

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