How to match feed with cattle breeding knowledge?

2020-12-01 17:34:09 dy

What is considered reasonable? First of all, you should not feed according to other people's formula, because the original feed in the formula used by others may not be the same. The feed is divided into: coarse feed and fine feed. If the coarse feed is different, you will definitely not be able to meet the needs of beef cattle by using the fine feed formula of others, or excessive nutrition will increase the cost, so you should formulate feed according to your own local feed.

How to match feed

Cattle raising should try to let the cows eat delicious and full green grass feed, and at the same time supplement other necessary nutritious feeds. To improve the efficiency of cattle raising, we must start from the cultivation of calves, especially to do a good job in the two winter and spring house feeding periods Supplementary feeding.

It can reduce the cost of feeding and improve the economic benefits of raising cattle. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously promote the popularization of straw silage, semi-dry storage and ammoniating and other new straw treatment technologies, and popularize straw cattle breeding.

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