How to choose a reserve cow

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choose a reserve cow

1. Choose heifers produced by cows with tall body, strong body, disease-free, fast growth, and high calving rate.

2. Choose female yellow cattle with an age of 1 to 1.5 years and a weight of 80-150kg and female water buffalo with a weight of 150-200kg.

3. Choose a heifer that is docile, easy to approach, and tamable.

4. Choose a heifer with a tall forequarter, short hindquarters and hips, full muscles, and a wide chest.

5. Choose a cow with flexible and energetic eyes, round and bulging eyes, thin and active ears, large nostrils without mucus, bright red mouth with little mucus in the mouth, thin and powerful teeth, thick tongue, and delicate neck.

6. Choose cows with strong feet, strong walking, bright hoof shells, and strong farming.

7. Choose cows with long and flexible tails that can repel mosquitoes and flies.

8. Choose heifers with better udders.

9. Choose a heifer with a second or third birth, with a big belly.

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