7 things to pay attention to when raising sheep in winter

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The cold weather in winter is a very important season in the process of raising sheep. At this time, there is very little green feed and mostly dry feed. At the same time, cold weather needs to be done to keep warm. Poor management can easily cause the economic profit of the sheep farm to decline, and in serious cases, it may cause sheep disease. Therefore, it is recommended that sheep farmers pay attention to the following 7 things this winter:

Raising sheep in winter

1. Newly purchased sheep should be kept in isolation

Winter is the season of high incidence of diseases. Newly purchased sheep should not be mixed and raised immediately. They should be reared in isolation. After observation for 5-7 days, if the newly purchased sheep have no abnormal reaction and the vaccine is injected, they can be mixed.

2. Keep warm and ventilate with both hands

To prevent sheep disease in winter, we must first ensure the fitness of the sheep and keep warm. Before the winter, check and repair the sheep house as soon as possible to prevent rain, snow, and violent winds. When the weather is too cold, heating or hot air stoves can be used in the ewe lambing house. While keeping warm, it should be properly ventilated.

3. It is strictly forbidden to feed spoiled feed

In terms of feeding and management of mutton sheep, farmers must strictly prohibit feeding moldy and frozen feed. During the feeding process, do not have problems such as a hungry meal, a full meal, and disordered feeding. In addition, insufficient nutrition in the feed is the main reason for the slow growth of sheep. Therefore, we must pay attention to appropriately increase the feed nutrition in winter, such as corn and other feeds. At the same time, we can add oil and other substances in the feed to enhance the sheep's ability to keep cold. While ensuring sufficient high-quality feed, grass meal and concentrate should be fed first, and then silage and juicy feed. When adding concentrate, attention must be paid to the addition ratio of various trace elements and the problem of pH. In addition, it is necessary to supply warm water regularly, and the water temperature can be adjusted to 18°C-20°C.

4. Ensure more sun exposure

Sun exposure can promote the absorption of some trace elements and mineral feeds rich in calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, let the sheep get more sun outside the pen.

5. Treat colds differently

The main symptoms of a cold in sheep are runny nose, watery eyes, loss of appetite, and depression. Cold treatment must be treated differently. For sheep whose body temperature is higher than 40℃, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic analgesics can be used. For those with low body temperature and obvious cough symptoms, most of which are caused by infectious pleuropneumonia, long-acting oxytetracycline injections can be used; Azithromycin injections can also be used for treatment.

6. Regularly immunize sheep disease

Vaccines for sheep immunization mainly include sheep foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, triple four-prevention vaccine and live sheeppox vaccine.

7. insist on grazing

For sheep farms with conditions, it is good for sheep to have proper exercise in winter to promote blood circulation, but you must pay attention to it. The grazing time is usually chosen at the warmest time of the day, usually at nine or ten o'clock, and grazing at three or four o'clock in the evening. If the conditions do not allow or are not suitable for grazing, just do a good job of raising sheep in captivity.

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