Ewes need good care during pregnancy

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Pregnancy care of ewes

At the moment, entering a few cold days is not good for the growth and development of ewes and fetuses. Therefore, it is necessary for the old and weak ewes to take care of meticulous care, prevent diseases early, and protect the ewes safely through the winter.

Increase the concentrated feed in time. Increase the concentrated feed and feed more calcium-containing feed, such as soybeans, peas, roe, peanuts, walnuts, etc., to fully meet the nutritional needs of the sheep during the growth period.

The doors and windows of the sheep shed should be covered with thick straw curtains. The sties should be used to accumulate manure and urine frequently, and the dry soil should be changed frequently and cleaned frequently. More dry straw or dry straw should be laid on the lamb’s sleeping area. The effect of cold protection and heat preservation. The temperature of the sheep barn is controlled at 8-15℃. In the daytime, let the sheep go to outdoor activities to bask in the sun, increase the light, supplement the sheep's vitamin D, and enhance the sheep's body resistance.

Take preventive medication in time to supplement vitamin D and calcium and phosphorus. Use a variety of calcium tablets (including vitamin D and calcium and phosphorus) 6 tablets at a time, 3 times a day. Vitamin D can promote calcium and phosphorus absorption and deposit calcium and phosphorus in the bone pathway , So that the sheep's body calcium can be adequately supplemented. Two weeks of medication is a course of treatment, and the frail old sheep can be taken more until recovery.

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