How to raise cattle to make money?

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raise cattle to make money

Although the cattle price market has been in a relatively stable state, it is not too easy to make money by raising cattle. It can be said that more than half of the newbies in cattle raising have failed to obtain the desired income. If you want to make money, you must know everything about cow raising. From buying cows to raising cows to selling cows, it is difficult to make money.

1. Know how to buy cattle. It can be said that there is a university question when buying cattle. Needless to say how deep the water is inside, almost every novice cattle raiser pays tuition when buying cattle. The ability to buy cattle is reflected in three aspects. One is to understand the quality of cattle breeds, the other is to estimate the weight and price of cattle, and the third is to select healthy and unhealthy cattle. If you can’t do these three aspects It ranges from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan worth of unjustified money for a cow, but it does not last long or suffers a lot of casualties.

2. Understand technology. Many people feel that cattle have strong disease resistance and are easy to raise, and they can be raised without having to master relevant technologies. In fact, it is not true. Although there is no too difficult technology in raising cows, some basic knowledge still needs to be mastered, such as feeding management, feed nutrition, Disease prevention and breeding, etc., if you don’t even know the basics of basic ingredients, how much to feed a day, how to feed, etc., how about keeping your cows well? It’s almost nothing to raise cattle if it’s not good to make money. Possible thing.

3. Can endure hardship. Raising cows is not an easy job. Collecting forage, processing, mixing and feeding, cleaning manure, disinfection of pens, etc., it can be said that there is almost no resting time all day long, and the smell in the barn is not It smells good, so cattle farmers must not be afraid of dirt, tiredness, or hardship in order to keep their cows well. If they enter the cowshed, they are afraid that the cow dung will stain their shoes. This is not good for raising cattle.

4. There is a market. As the gap between domestic beef supply and demand continues to increase, it can be said that live cattle will not be unsalable, but the selling price is another matter. If there is a market, live cattle will be sold for more than 0.5 catty. The yuan problem is not big. In this way, a fattening cow of more than 1,000 catties can be sold for 600 to 700 yuan more. If there is no market, it is sure to sell 0.5 yuan less for a catty, and the cow dealers will also say that the cow has a big belly and fat. Wait and continue to keep the price down. After the epidemic, there may be a difference of thousands of dollars between a cow and a cow.

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