How to prevent sheep from shed in winter?

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The winter is cold and the feed is dry. Sheep often don't have enough to eat, resulting in serious nutritional deficiencies. "Hungry hair" appears. The roots are thin, not strong, and easy to fall off. In severe cases, they fall off in pieces on the neck, shoulders, upper abdomen and back of the sheep. In order to prevent this kind of hair loss, in addition to grazing sheep, a certain amount of grass and materials are supplied to increase nutrition. Especially to ensure enough hay, the concentrate can only be used as a nutritional supplement, if there is silage forage or other green forage concentrate, it is better. In winter, sheep feed is often hay, and the water requirement is more urgent. If water is lacking, it will affect the moisturization of dry feed. Avoid drinking cold water, especially ice slag water. Drink water not less than twice a day. Take water three times as good. In winter, feeding salt to sheep is also very important, because it can not only increase appetite and improve feed digestibility, but also effectively increase feed nutrition. It is necessary to increase the amount of drinking water in winter to make the sheep healthy through the winter.

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