What are the ways to successfully breed cattle?

2021-01-19 17:55:18 dy

There are usually three breeding methods for cattle: natural mating, artificial assisted mating, and artificial insemination.

Artificial insemination

(1) Natural mating

This is relatively easy to do. Relatively speaking, the fertilization rate is relatively high, and there is usually no need to identify the estrus of the cow, but it is not conducive to preventing the spread of reproductive tract diseases.

(2) Artificial assisted mating

The method is the same as the natural mating method, but when the male and female cows are quite different from each other and there are difficulties in breeding, artificial help is provided.

(3) Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is a process in which artificially collected bull semen is inspected, frozen, and thawed into the reproductive tract of the estrus cow. Frozen semen is produced and sold by specialized manufacturers. Check, the action should be rapid when taking and placing frozen semen, and each time should be controlled between 5-10 seconds, and the container should be covered in time to prevent the evaporation of liquid nitrogen or the entry of foreign matter. The transportation of frozen semen should be handled by a dedicated person, and the container should be filled with liquid nitrogen. The outer part of the container should be covered with a protective cover. Be careful when loading and unloading. Do not vibrate strongly during transportation, prevent exposure to the sun, and replenish liquid nitrogen in time during long-distance transportation, so as not to damage the container and affect the quality of semen.

You can also use a cow visual insemination gun to increase the success rate of artificial insemination.

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