Four major reasons leading to low profitability of raising sheep

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There are many factors that affect farmers’ loss in raising sheep. The main reasons for the low benefits of current sheep raising, especially small-scale sheep raising, are as follows:

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First, the sheep breed is not selected

Breed is the primary condition for improving the economic efficiency of sheep raising. The quality of the breed directly determines the production performance, feed consumption, feeding cycle and feed-to-meat ratio of the sheep. Numerous experiments have shown that raising high-quality sheep breeds can increase the weight gain of mutton sheep by 10%-30%, the milk production of dairy sheep by 10%-30%, and the feed utilization rate by more than 10%-15%.

2. Unreasonable feed mix

Feed is the basis of raising sheep and the key factor in the success or failure of raising sheep. Under normal circumstances, feed costs account for 70% to 80% of the cost of raising sheep, so how to select, use, and develop feed reasonably, increase the feed rate of return, and reduce the rate of feed consumption, plays a decisive role in improving the economic benefits of raising sheep.

 Three, sheep disease prevention and treatment are not in place

Once an epidemic breaks out in a sheep farm, it will surely cause major economic losses, or even a catastrophe. Looking at the existing sheep farms, there is a general problem of weak concepts of epidemic prevention. The epidemic prevention work is still blind, random, and fluke. Many sheep farms continue to have sheep diseases throughout the year, one after another, year after year, and repeated. In addition, the sheep farm had to be closed after several years. The losses were heavy and the lessons were profound.

Four, sheep farm management is unscientific

A well-managed sheep farm can save feed and avoid feed waste, so that the input feed can be converted into the weight gain of the sheep to the greatest extent; a well-managed sheep farm has fewer sheep diseases, which can save vaccine purchase costs. It can also save the cost of conventional preventive medication and therapeutic medication. According to reports, poor feeding management and improper selection of feed have increased the feed-to-meat ratio by 0.2, and the feed used for each slaughter sheep will increase by 20 kg, and the cost will increase by 30 yuan; when the flock becomes ill, the medicine fee will increase by 10 yuan per sheep.

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