Nine Taboos for Sheep Drinking Water in Spring

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Avoid lack of water

Short-term lack of water will reduce the appetite and productivity of the sheep; long-term lack of water will cause the sheep’s rumen fermentation difficulties, indigestion, food stagnation or dry shutters. If drinking water is not provided, the sheep may die. . The Sheep Home WeChat platform recommends that the average sheep needs 2 to 3 kilograms of water for every kilogram of forage. They should insist on letting the sheep drink twice a day and drink enough to meet their water needs.

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Second, avoid drinking cold water

In winter and spring, the weather is cold, the pasture is dry, and there is little water. The sheep are thirsty and the water demand increases. But sheep are afraid of cold and do not want to drink cold water, so they should be allowed to drink warm water. The WeChat platform of the Sheep Home reminds that if there is no condition to drink warm water, it is best to let them drink deep well water, but they must drink with the drink, otherwise the water will quickly become cold.

Three avoids to bring water with snow

In winter and spring, some people use snow instead of water to drink sheep, which is not advisable. Because using snow instead of water will consume a lot of body heat of the sheep, make it lose weight quickly, and also easily lead to miscarriage of pregnant sheep.

Four avoid drinking water on an empty stomach

In the morning, when the sheep drink cold water on an empty stomach, the body temperature will drop sharply, and it is easy to catch a cold, fever or stomach ache. Sheep should be allowed to drink water after feeding forage or grazing.

Five taboos to grab and drink

Sheep have a strong affinity for herd. As long as the first sheep drinks water at the beginning, other sheep will rush to drink and binge drinking, which should be strictly prevented. The method is to sprinkle a few handfuls of bran or rice bran in the sink. If sheep drink river water, people should stand in front of the flock, watch the sheep, and prevent them from snatching and drinking.

Six avoids not moving after drinking water

After grazing sheep drinking water, it is not advisable to stay still or rest in the original pen, and continue to graze to increase body heat production and reduce stress. Sheep feeding in the house should be fed with forage first, then drinking water, and then fed with hay to increase calories.

Seven bogeys to drink stagnant water

Parasite eggs are often mixed in stagnant water, and sheep drinking stagnant water may be infected with parasitic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to forbid the sheep to drink stagnant water.

Eight Avoid Drinking Ditch Water

The waste water flowing out of the farmland often contains pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which can easily cause sheep poisoning. It is not suitable for drinking sheep or preparing feed. Don't let the sheep drink the bitter well water, and don't drink the pond water of soaking weeds and wild vegetables (both contain a lot of nitrate) to avoid sheep poisoning.

Nine Avoid Drinking Polluted Water

Do not allow sheep to drink the sewage discharged from the factory to prevent sheep from being poisoned.

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