Pay attention to these points when sheep drinking water in spring

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Water is a nutrient that is easily overlooked but is extremely important for maintaining the life of sheep. The body water of newborn lambs is about 80%, and that of adult lambs is 50%. Water is the main component of body fluids and has a special effect on the normal metabolism of the sheep's body. Water is an important solvent in the sheep. The absorption and transportation of various nutrients and the discharge of metabolites must be dissolved in water. The chemical reaction in the sheep is carried out in the water medium, and the water participates in the oxidation-reduction reaction, the synthesis of organic substances and the cell respiration process. Water plays an important role in regulating body temperature. In hot weather, sheep breathe and sweat to evaporate and dissipate water to keep body temperature constant. Water is also a lubricant. For example, the lubricating fluid in the joint cavity can reduce friction when the joint rotates, and saliva can make the feed easier to swallow.

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Lack of water can reduce the appetite of sheep, impair their health, hinder the growth and development of growing sheep, and reduce the productivity of adult sheep. Mild water shortages are often difficult to detect, but they often cause great economic losses unknowingly. Due to the low temperature in winter and spring, if the sheep drink cold water or even ballast water, the sheep will not drink water, which will cause insufficient water for the sheep. This not only slows down the digestion process of sheep feed, but also hinders metabolism in the body, reduces body condition, and also causes diseases such as food stagnation or dried louver. Therefore, in production, drinking water conditions must be created for sheep to ensure clean and sufficient drinking water.

1. The temperature of drinking water

After the water enters the sheep's body, if the temperature of the water is lower than the sheep's body temperature, the water has to absorb the heat that the sheep itself converts from the feed, and only when it reaches the same temperature as the body temperature, it will play a role, which will reduce the utilization rate of the feed. Therefore, the temperature of sheep drinking water in winter and spring is best to be 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.

 2. Drinking time

Drinking sheep on an empty stomach, if the temperature of the water is low, the body temperature of the sheep will drop sharply, making the sheep easy to catch a cold and fever, and pregnant ewes who drink cold water on an empty stomach may easily abort. During production, the sheep should be drunk after 1 hour of feeding. This will also allow the water and forage to be fully mixed in the rumen of the sheep and help digestion.

 3. The amount of drinking water

Sheep eat 1 kg of dry matter and need 3 to 5 kg of drinking water. Therefore, in winter and spring, depending on the sheep's forage feed, drink water with 3 to 5 times the dry matter quality for the sheep.

4. the number of drinking water

It is advisable to drink sheep twice in the morning and evening during production. If the conditions are not met, drink at least once, but pay attention to drinking enough to meet the sheep's demand for water.

5. the form of drinking water

In order to encourage the sheep to drink plenty of water and drink enough water, the sheep should drink concentrated water. The method is: first rinse the concentrate with boiling water, stir evenly to make it into a paste, then add a certain amount of cold water, stir evenly and drink the sheep.

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