Sheep feed formula principles and calculation methods

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Sheep feed formula principles:

Every sheep farm hopes to find a better sheep feed formula, so that the sheep grow faster, and make the benefit of raising sheep better. A good sheep feed formula has the following advantages:

1. More targeted, better fattening effect;

2. More scientific, balanced growth of sheep, less disease and healthier;

3. Make full use of resources and reduce costs;

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Calculation method of sheep feed formula:

1. Determine the average weight and daily gain level of the sheep in the shed as the basic basis for the diet formula.

2. Calculate the nutrient content per kilogram of the diet. Divide the intake of the sheep by the nutrient requirement of the sheep to obtain the nutrient content (%) per kilogram of the diet. For example, the crude protein content is 15% and the energy is 8.2 MJ/ Kilogram, calcium 0.8%, phosphorus 0.4%.

3. Determine the feed to be used, and list the nutritional components and nutritional value of the selected feed for selection and calculation.

4. Focus on the energy and protein content of the diet, set aside the share of minerals and additives, generally 2 to 3%, and try to prepare a preliminary mixed feed.

5. Under the premise of keeping the energy concentration and protein content of the initial mixture basically unchanged, adjust the amount of feed ingredients to reduce the cost of the diet and keep the two basic nutritional indicators of energy and protein in line with needs.

6. On the basis that the energy and protein content and the feed mix basically meet the requirements, adjust the supplementary calcium, phosphorus, salt and additives and other indicators.

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