Experience in raising cattle: breeding and management of bulls

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1. The breeding of bulls

The calf enters the breeding period after weaning at the age of 6 months. The breeding period is from 6 to 30 months. This period is the stage of intensive growth and development. The growth potential is strong, and the weight gain changes greatly. It is the continuation of calf breeding. Whether the breeding measures in this period are effective or not has a great influence on the growth and development, body structure and breeding performance of the cattle.

breeding and management of bulls

(1) Diet for growing bulls

Growing bulls grow faster than growing cows, so they need more nutrients. They need to provide energy in the form of concentrates to promote their rapid growth and libido development. Insufficient feeding and low nutritional levels will be delayed. The arrival of sexual maturity leads to the production of poor quality semen and slow growth.

The feed for breeding bulls should be the same as for adult bulls. High-quality hay and green hay should be used as feed, instead of wine tanks, fine stalks, powder residues and coarse materials, and when there is no green grass in winter, each cow can absorb 0.51.5 of bulls' concentrated feed a day to supplement mineral trace elements. It should be added frequently in the diet. The amount of concentrate feeding is determined by the quality of the coarse feed. In the case of feeding leguminous or non-undergraduate high-quality coarse feed, the protein content of the concentrated feed is about 12% for bulls and adult bulls.

(2) Management of growing bulls

1. What to raise in a single trough: For ease of management, bred cows should be separated from the mother from weaning and fed in a single trough.

2. Wear a nasal strap ring. The bred cattle should wear a strap ring starting from December 10th. Use a belt to control and fasten it along the forehead of the bull under the corner base.

3. Exercise: For breeding bulls, exercise is required. Every day for the first and next year, 1.5-2.0 hours each time, the walking distance is 4 kilometers

4. The bred males should be tested every day, first to promote the straightness of the bovine body, promote the development of the body, and secondly for the health of the bovine body surface, reduce the occurrence of parasitic diseases, and increase the compatibility of humans and cattle.

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