White goat breeding technology

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White goats are our common indigenous goats, which are distributed in many regions of our country and are also very common in our country's goat breeds. White goats have strong disease resistance, resistance to rough feeding, and are very convenient for breeding and suitable for pastoral breeding. But for farms, when there are a lot of sheep, they need to have a certain breeding technology to facilitate the better growth of sheep and maintain a good and stable income.

White goat breeding technology

1. Construct sheep shed

Although white goats have strong adaptability, the sheep shed should be built in a higher, dry and permeable place during breeding to further improve the growth ability of white goats. Sheep sheds should be warm in winter and cool in summer, and the temperature can be adjusted in time so that seasonal changes affect the growth of white goats. And there should be sufficient pasture resources around the sheep shed for the white goats to eat. Sheep sheds should also be far away from urban areas, factories and other noisy and polluted places to ensure clean drinking water for pasture and provide a suitable growth environment for white goats.

2. Lamb management

Lamb management is very important for the subsequent breeding of white goats. After the lamb grows to about 1-2 months. The breast milk of white goats can no longer meet the nutrients needed for the growth of lambs. Therefore, we must train the lambs to eat feed in advance, usually in about a week, we need to carry out feeding work. Feed about 60 grams of feed per day for 2-4 weeks, and about 200 grams per day for 3 months. It not only allows the lamb to gradually adapt to the feed, but also can supplement the growth of the lamb with nutrients. Weaning of lambs should be carried out around 3-4 months to increase the useful life of female white goats and increase breeding efficiency.

3. Grazing management

The grazing work of raising sheep is very important. We can graze the white goats in riverside, grassland and pasture areas. If there are few or no forage resources, you must ensure that there is sufficient feed. When grazing, pay attention to the surrounding environment of the grazing land, and do not put it in polluted and dirty areas to avoid affecting the growth of white goats and causing diseases. It can be grazing for one day during the period of strong pasture, and feeding about 4000 grams of pasture. But be careful to avoid hot times such as noon. If the forage resources are insufficient, pay attention to supplementary feeding work after returning to the shed. If it rains during grazing, shelter from the rain in time to prevent cold.

4. Disease control

Disease prevention and control are closely related to the growth of white goats. We must do a good job in the prevention and treatment of white goats during the breeding process. Especially in the winter and spring seasons when influenza is high, it is necessary to pay attention to epidemic infectious diseases such as sheep fever and fast sheep epidemic. Do a good job in the disinfection of sheep sheds, and carry out regular immunization every year in accordance with the process to enhance the disease resistance of white goats. Then, the breeding environment must be adjusted reasonably to prevent the breeding of pathogens in the breeding environment and cause disease. Finally, it is necessary to control the entry and exit of animals, personnel and vehicles around the sheep shed to avoid spreading germs and endanger the growth of white goats.

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