Precautions for white goat breeding

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White goats are our common indigenous goats, which are distributed in many regions of our country and are also very common in our country's goat breeds. White goats have strong disease resistance, resistance to rough feeding, and are very convenient for breeding and suitable for pastoral breeding. But for farms, when there are a lot of sheep, they need to have a certain breeding technology to facilitate the better growth of sheep and maintain a good and stable income.

Precautions for white goat breeding

1. Grazing

Although the temperature is gradually lowering in the first autumn, it is still relatively hot at noon, so we should avoid noon when we graze, and graze in the morning and evening when it is cooler, and increase the grazing time appropriately. When grazing, the decision is based on whether there is frost or not, and try to prevent goats from eating frosty grass. In late autumn, pay attention to changes in the weather and keep the sheep warm.

2. Feeding

Everyone who raises goats will adopt the mode of stocking, which is actually a better breeding mode, because the goats can feed themselves and improve the meat quality of the goats. However, the supplement should be carried out in time at night. The supplement at night is mainly concentrated, which is rich in nutrition and more palatable. It is conducive to the growth and fat increase of goats, and the amount of concentrate feeding is controlled according to the growth stage of the goats. The breeding ewes must be strictly controlled during pregnancy. There are different nutritional requirements during lactation. It is not possible to feed spoiled forages, ensure that drinking water is sufficient and clean, and increase salt appropriately.

3. Breeding

Autumn is the estrus period of the ewes, and the ewes are also in good condition, easy to conceive, which is conducive to the development of fetal sheep. Controlling the breeding of ewes can promote conception and lambing of ewes. Usually, the ewes that grow to one and a half years can start breeding. The ewes have reduced appetite and different exchanges during estrus. The genitals will appear red and swollen and discharge secretions. The estrus lasts for about two weeks, and the estrus is about one day later. breeding.

4. Miscarriage

After the ewes are successfully conceived, they must do a good job of protecting the fetus. Do not let the ewes be frightened, and prevent the ewes from running, jumping and other actions that are not conducive to conception. Pregnant sheep should be raised separately, and care should be taken not to let the ewes get squeezed when they enter and exit the pen and eat. Must not use moldy or deteriorating forages. Do not inject any medicine during pregnancy. However, in order to prevent congenital miscarriage, an appropriate amount of fetus must be injected.

5. Epidemic prevention

As mentioned earlier, medicines cannot be injected during pregnancy, so we should inject levamisole to deworm the sheep before breeding. Vaccines are used to prevent and control diseases, and the sheep shed should be cleaned regularly. Residual feed and feces should be removed in time to keep the sheep shed dry. Control the feeding of legumes to prevent flatulence and poisoning. Take care to keep warm and properly ventilate to create a good growth environment for the sheep.

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