How to select high-yielding cows

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More and more cattle-raising friends adopt self-breeding and self-raising, breeding and breeding cows to produce and sell calves. Then they often encounter this question: How to choose cows? How to choose high-yield cows? How to choose breeding cows and reserve cows? and many more.

For a cattle farm that adopts self-breeding, breeding and breeding cows to produce and sell calves, the cow is the basis of the production of the cattle farm, and the breed resources and productivity level of the cow are directly related to the cattle farm With the widespread use of frozen semen from good breeds of cattle, the breed and semen of bulls can fully meet the needs, but the cows are different. For farms that raise cows, improve the breeds of cows. Only increasing the proportion of high-yielding cows can bring economic benefits and development to the cattle farm. This is why the state began to subsidize basic cows last year, which also shows that the state is aware of the importance of cows in the development of formal cattle breeding.

So what kind of cow is good? What are the basic requirements for high-yield cows and how to choose high-yield cows? I think you can generally start with the choice of cow breed, personal appearance, and kinship.

1. Basic requirements for selection of high-yield cow breeds

First consider choosing maternal breeds that are suitable for beef cattle production, choosing dual-purpose breeds as much as possible, and using breed advantages to improve production efficiency. Individual cows should have the due characteristics of high-yielding cows, such as short generation intervals, high lactation, strong maternal behavior, good calving performance, and strong adaptability are the basic requirements for selection of high-yielding cows.

2. Technical points for individual selection of high-yield cows

On the premise of confirming the breed, more attention should be paid to the selection of individual cow's appearance characteristics. Because high-yield cows have certain physical characteristics, we need to carefully observe the differences in the process of selecting and retaining cows. At the same time, high-yielding cows have a certain inheritance ability, and the quality traits are all related in their related groups. Therefore, we can use the appearance evaluation method and the kinship selection method to make specific choices in the selection of individual cows.

(1) Appearance selection method

When an experienced person chooses a cow, one is to look at the body, the second is the head shape, the third is the lumbar-sacral combination, and the fourth is the breast and vulva.

Appearance characteristics of high-yield adult cows: the breed characteristics are obvious, the body is long, and the overall development is good; the side view is approximately triangular or rectangular, and the top view is wedge-shaped; the head is clear and long, the horns are thin and smooth, and the neck is slender; the hindquarters are wide and straight or Slightly inclined; breasts are well developed, nipples are round and long, well-proportioned, and mammary veins are obvious; vulva is large and obvious, with normal shape.

It is also necessary to understand its reproductive performance, conception rate, calving interval, calving ability and other information.

(2) Kinship selection method

A method of selecting by observing, investigating and understanding the performance of maternal populations that are related to cows. The "mothers", "sisters" and "grandmothers" of high-yielding cows all have similarities in production performance. This method is most widely used in the selection of dairy cows. Good cows can inherit traits such as fecundity, lactation, and maternal behavior to their offspring. Therefore, the selection of beef cows can also learn from this method.

Choosing a cow is a long and meticulous work. Farmers can also purchase through the market, exchange each other, self-breeding and self-selection. To improve the group and individual production performance of basic cows, and to select male parent breeds for crossbreeding in a planned way, thereby improving breeding efficiency.

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