Six points of experience in selecting basic ewe are worth learning

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Variety selection

For most sheep farmers, there are no grazing conditions and can only be raised in pens. Therefore, it is necessary to choose sheep that grow fast, have strong reproductive power and are suitable for captivity.

Sheep can choose Hu sheep, small tail Han sheep, Duhu hybrid one and two generations, Du Han hybrid one and two generations as the basic ewe. The sheep of these breeds are not only large in size and fast growing, but also strong in fecundity. However, the higher the purity of the Duhu and Duhan hybrid sheep, the worse the fecundity. Generally, after three or four generations, they will be basically the same as the purebred Dorper sheep.

Goats can choose Boer goat, Poza goat or other goat breeds. In short, goat breeds with large individual size, fast growth and strong fertility must be used as basic ewe.

Genetic gene

You can choose female lambs under multiple fetuses to retain seeds, which will retain multiple fetus genes to a greater extent. In the process of raising sheep, selective breeding can also be carried out. For example, the female lambs of multiple ewes are always selected for breeding, and low-yielding ewes are constantly being eliminated. Then, within a few years, the flock's fertility will be significantly improved.

Individual choice

The selection of ewes must also be accurate to the individual. Many sheep farmers buy as a group and do not select, which will definitely contain some ewes of poor quality or unsuitable for breeding. The ewes that are suitable for breeding have uniform head size, slender neck, long body, and large skeleton. Especially the hips must be wide and the breasts developed well. Such ewes are more conducive to reproduction.

Not buying pregnant sheep

Many sheep farmers like to buy pregnant ewes, thinking that it is faster to buy pregnant ewes. However, I bought it and raised it for a period of time but found that most of the ewes were not pregnant. Therefore, we must remember that "I'd rather buy the ground to run, rather than buy it in my belly", especially when the price of sheep is good. Special attention must be paid to multiparous ewes that claim to be pregnant, as they are likely to be problematic sheep; for young ewes that claim to be pregnant, they must be purchased as if they are not pregnant.

Best for youth

Buying young ewes is the most cost-effective. First, the price of young ewes is not too high, basically slightly higher than the price of meat. Second, young ewes generally do not have reproductive problems. Third, the young ewes can be bred in a short time, and the benefit period is short.

Sheep health

Health is very important when selecting sheep. Healthy sheep respond quickly, move quickly, eat and regurgitate normally, have bright coat, and have good body condition. The sick sheep are sluggish, slow to respond, reduced or even abolished feeding and rumination, dull coat, diarrhea, runny nose, cough, and weak body.

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