These grassy cattle and sheep cannot be eaten

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Sorghum and corn seedlings after harvest

The sorghum and corn seedlings harvested in autumn contain a lot of hydrocyanic acid. Hydrocyanic acid is a highly toxic substance, and cattle and sheep are prone to poisoning after eating. You cannot use this second crop of seedlings as fodder for cattle and sheep, nor can you go to the fields with the second crop of seedlings to graze cattle and sheep.

Dew grass

The weather begins to cool in autumn, and the leaves of grass are often covered with dew in the early morning and evening. Cattle and sheep eating this grass can cause rumen bloating. Therefore, in autumn, cattle and sheep must wait for the sun to rise in the morning and go out after the dew disappears. In the evening, they must return to pasture before the dew appears.

Frosted castor oil plant leaves and stems

The leaves and stems of castor oil plant that were frosted in late autumn contain a toxin based on ricinine, and cattle and sheep are prone to poisoning after eating.

Semi-dry and semi-wet sweet potato seedlings

Cattle and sheep are prone to intestinal obstruction (also called constipation and complication) after eating a lot. When the sweet potato is harvested, the seedlings have been aging, the thick fibers in the seedlings have increased, and the thick fibers have become softer and more flexible when exposed to sunlight. After cattle and sheep eat, these flexible but not easily broken crude fibers are entangled and formed in the intestine, some are blocked in the large intestine, and some are blocked in the small intestine. If this disease is not diagnosed and treated in time, it can easily lead to death of cattle and sheep.

Soft skin on the cob

The soft leather peeled off after the corn cob is harvested is soft and sweet. Cows and sheep like to eat it, especially when they are hungry, they often swallow whole pieces. Some farmers are busy with farming work. In order to save time, it is very dangerous to feed the cows and sheep directly with the whole piece of soft corn cobs without being short or mixed with grass. Although the corn cob soft skin is sweet, cattle and sheep also like to eat it, but it contains a lot of crude fiber, which is very tough and difficult to chew and digest. It accumulates in the stomach and causes obstruction. After a long time, it will be fermented, spoiled and gassed. , And produce a large amount of toxic substances, causing cattle and sheep to die due to body acidosis.

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