The mating age and service life of breeding cattle

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The initial mating age of beef cattle should be determined according to the breed and specific growth and development of the cattle, generally later than sexual maturity, and the initial body weight should be about 70% of its adult body weight. When the age has reached but the weight has not yet reached, the initial age should be postponed; on the contrary, it can be appropriately advanced. The mating age of general beef cattle is: early maturing breeds, 15-18 months old bulls, 16-18 months old cows; late maturing breeds, 18-20 months old bulls, and 18-22 months old cows.

First mating age

1. First mating age

When males and cows reach sexual maturity, although the reproductive organs have been fully developed and have normal reproductive capacity, the growth and development of the body has not been completed at this time, so it is not suitable for breeding.

2. Service life

The reproductive capacity of beef cattle has a certain number of years, and the length of life varies with breeds, feeding management, and the health of the cattle. The service life of beef cattle is 9-11 years, and that of bulls is 5-6 years. Over the breeding years, the reproductive capacity of males and females will be reduced, and there will be no breeding value, and should be eliminated in time.

Premature mating of male and female cows will affect their own health and growth. The calves born are weak in physique, low birth weight, and difficult to raise. The milk production of cows after childbirth is affected, and the bull’s sexual function declines earlier, shortening the breeding life. . Late mating can easily make the cows fat and not easy to conceive, and the bulls will have masturbation and impotence, which will affect the mating effect. Therefore, the correct understanding of the mating age of male and female cows is of great significance for improving the quality of the herd, giving full play to its production performance and increasing the reproduction rate.

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