How to increase the profit of cattle breeding?

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Novices who raise cattle should get rid of the following misunderstandings in order to increase the profits of cattle raising.

raise cattle

Single male parent breed: To increase the profitability of raising cattle, it is necessary to change the practice of progressive crossbreeding with single male parent breeds that has been practiced over the years, and actively introduce Limousin, Simmental and other fine breeds of cattle for crossbreeding.

Light breeding: In order to improve the efficiency of raising cattle, the cattle farm must start with raising calves, especially to do a good job of supplementary feeding during the two winter and spring housing periods, so that they are 18-24 months old. When the body weight is more than 300 kg, the slaughter can also be used for short-term fattening and the weight is more than 500 kg.

Using hybrid bulls for breeding: At present, there are still many farmers in rural areas who lack scientific knowledge of raising cattle and use hybrid bulls for this mating.

Extensive management: At present, most cattle houses of farmers are relatively simple, and the temperature of many fattening houses is low. The daily excrement and urine of cattle are not cleaned up in time. Most of the houses are dark and damp. The cows are not scrubbed all year round. Tethered in the dormitory all the year round without exercise or sunshine. For this reason, if you want to increase the weight of cattle quickly, have a high slaughter rate, and have good benefits, farmers must focus on building cows to keep the cows warm in winter and cool in summer, and keep the temperature in the house above 5℃ in winter. . The cow house must be cleaned up regularly every day. The house must be ventilated and the cow body must be brushed daily. The cow must be driven out of the house every day for sun exposure and exercise to enhance the cow’s health. Physical fitness and disease resistance, in order to achieve the purpose of gaining fat and weight quickly.

Coarse feed is fed to cattle without processing: After the straw is scientifically processed, it not only improves the utilization rate, palatability and nutrients of the straw, but also promotes the weight gain and fattening effect and speeds up the slaughter rate. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of raising cattle, it is necessary to scientifically process various coarse feeds for cattle, and actively promote the application of new straw processing technologies such as straw silage, ammoniation and micro-storage.

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