• Newborn calves are fed with colostrum as soon as possible

    Newborn calves must establish passive immunity by absorbing immunoglobulin (Ig) in colostrum. The time a calf is fed with colostrum after birth determines whether it can acquire sufficient passive imm

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  • What causes constipation in cattle?

    ​Constipation in cattle is mostly caused by problems in the feeding process, which can occur in cattle at all stages, but it is mostly in adult cattle. When treating cattle constipation, Chinese herbal medicine is a good treatment. However, in the treatment process, pay attention to selecting appropriate medicinal materials for symptomatic treatment according to the condition of the sick cow.

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  • Technical points of calf feeding and management

    A calf refers to a calf born to 6 months of age. The growth and development of the calf is strong and the plasticity is strong. The calf is extremely important to the development of the cattle industry. Therefore, scientific feeding and management of the calf must be carried out.

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  • 4 signs of childbirth for pregnant cows

    Under normal circumstances, a cow will give birth after a gestation period of about 280 days. A series of changes will occur in the reproductive organs and pelvic parts of cows during the pre-parturit

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