What causes constipation in cattle?

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Constipation in cattle is mostly caused by problems in the feeding process, which can occur in cattle at all stages, but it is mostly in adult cattle. When treating cattle constipation, Chinese herbal medicine is a good treatment. However, in the treatment process, pay attention to selecting appropriate medicinal materials for symptomatic treatment according to the condition of the sick cow.

What medicine is good for cow constipation?

What causes constipation in cattle?

The disease of newborn calves is due to the accumulation of meconium before delivery and the longer residence time in the intestine. Newborn calves do not suck or suck colostrum too late, and the digestive function of the body is affected; sucking a large amount of inferior milk replacer or synthetic milk leads to indigestion or constipation; poor congenital development or premature birth, weak physique Calves often cause meconium secretion due to slow bowel movements and weakness.

Adult cattle are mostly fed with too much feed containing a lot of crude fiber, such as bean straw, wheat straw, peanut vine, etc. This kind of coarse feed rich in crude fiber will stimulate the excitement of the intestines at the beginning, and then the intestinal movement and secretion function will be weakened, eventually causing the intestinal smooth muscle to move slowly and intestinal feces, especially when fed this feed for a long time. And it is more likely to cause constipation when drinking water is insufficient. Cattle fed too much high-concentration feed for a long time, and the intestinal tube is overloaded to make it unable to exercise normally, which can also cause disease. When cattle suffer from gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic catarrh or acute catarrh, slowing of gastrointestinal motility and decreased secretion of digestive juice can lead to difficulty in defecation, small dry stool and mucus on the surface.

What medicine is good for cow constipation?

1. If the vitality of the calf is weakened after sickness, it is appropriate to take 10g ginseng, 45g angelica, decoct the liquid, and divide it into multiple doses, or take 15g poria cocos, 10g fangfeng, 20g raw rehmannia, 6g white peony, 60g atractylodes, liters After decocting 6g of hemp with water, take the liquid medicine and divide it into two doses to cultivate vitality. If the food accumulates heat, it is appropriate to take 10g rhubarb and 10g morning glory seeds to grind them into fine powder, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, and then pour them, or take 15g raw rehmannia, 25g Ophiopogon japonicus, 50g Glauber's salt, 20g xuan, add water to decoct and divide into 2 Irrigation to clear heat and laxative. Adult cattle (take a weight of 500kg as an example) After illness, you can take 60-100g Glauber's salt, 24g Magnolia officinalis, 12g Red peony root, 12g Citrus aurantium, 60g fried scutellaria, 120-200g rhubarb, 30g peach kernels and decoct the liquid Irrigation.

2. For old, weak and sick cattle and the main symptom is stool, 120g rhubarb, 180g Ophiopogon japonicus, 80g dendrobium, 120g Cynomorium, 96g angelica, 48g peach kernel, 90g hemp seed, 48g cistanche, 180g raw land, 72g melon seed , 80g Adenophora, 120g Astragalus, 90g Baiziren, 120g Tangerine Peel, 24g Fructus Aurantii, 60g Glauber's Salt, 240g Scrophulariaceae, 30g Licorice and decocted with water, then take the medicinal solution and administer it.

3. For sick cows suffering from fall injury or abdominal surgery and constipation, 80g agarwood, 96g rhubarb, 72g angelica, 48g red peony root, 80g trifoliate orange, 80g betel nut, 80g black medicine, 72g safflower, 80g woody, 72g peach kernel Add water to decoct and fill.

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