How to estimate the weight of a cow? Can be estimated with formula

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Measure the weight of cattle

In order to raise the fattening cattle scientifically, the weight of the fattening cattle must be accurately grasped. It is most accurate to measure the weight of a cow with a platform scale. If there is no scale, you can use a formula to estimate it. The formula is as follows:

1. The weight of the scalper = the square of the chest circumference multiplied by the body oblique length/10800

2. Beef cattle weight = the square of the bust circumference times the body length times 100

In the formula, bust refers to the length of the back edge of the cow's shoulder blade around the body, measured with a tape measure; body oblique length refers to the straight-line distance from the cow's shoulder to the hip, and body straight length refers to the straight-line distance from the cow's shoulder to the tail. (It is best to have a special measuring stick) measurement; the bust circumference and body oblique length of formula 1 are expressed in centimeters, the bust circumference and body straight length of formula 2 are expressed in meters, and the weight is kilograms; 10800 and 100 are measurement coefficients. Due to different cattle breeds, ages, and body conditions, the weight calculated by the formula estimation method will have an error with the actual weight. Generally, it is necessary to check the formula when using the formula. The error with the actual measurement is less than 5% to be more accurate.

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