How to improve the reproduction rate of ewes

2020-10-14 16:16:55 Dy

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①Choose multiple lamb rams and ewes to keep seeds. Double lambs or multiple lambs are hereditary. When the rams are selected for breeding, the parent rams are selected from the reserve flock with more than one litter and double lambs. These rams and ewes with a good genetic basis are reserved for breeding, which can give full play to their genetic potential in feeding and increase the chance of ewes having multiple lambs.

② Sufficient nutrition. The better the ewe's condition and the heavier the lamb, the higher the lamb rate.

③ Implement two breedings. When the ewe is in estrus, double breeding or two breeding insemination can increase the probability of double lambs. The double breeding method can make the ewe's reproductive tract always maintain the presence of fertilized sperm and increase the chance of fertilization. Commonly used method: For ewes that are confirmed to be in estrus, insemination is performed once after 12 hours and 24 hours. Generally, the interval between two inseminations is 10-12 hours.