Introduction of Boer goat breeds

2020-10-14 16:09:47 Dy

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Boer Goat is an excellent breed of meat goat. This variety is native to South Africa and has been introduced to many countries in Africa as well as New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the United States, Canada and other countries as a seed. It is a world-recognized breed of goats for meat, and it is known as the "father of goats". Since my country introduced the first batch of Boer goats from South Africa in 1995, it has gradually expanded to all parts of the country through pure breeding and expansion, showing good meat use. Features, wide adaptability, high economic value and significant hybrid advantage. Boer goats are native to South Africa and have short hair. The head is generally red (brown) with broad meteors (white bands), and the body is white, with rounded corners and large drooping ears. Boer goats have good body structure, short and strong limbs, wide and straight back, full muscles, and the whole body is round and compact. Boer goats have excellent reproductive performance, with two births a year or three births in two years, with an average of about 2-3 per litter. The service life is long, and the childbearing life is 10 years. The slaughter rate of Boer goats is more than 52%, the meat is thick but not fat, the meat is fine, the muscle fat is less, the color is pure, juicy and tender. The cortex is dense and firm, which is comparable to cowhide. The Boer goats in China are rich in farming land and follow the principle of putting the people first and getting rich first, marking the road to prosperity one by one!