Goats in autumn with winter lambs

2020-10-16 17:48:37 Dy

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Female goats are generally estrus in October, male goats have strong libido, and the weather is cool, the climate is suitable, and the feed resources are abundant. The sheep's body condition is good. The ewes bred in autumn produce good lambs in winter.

Strengthen nutrition in autumn, in addition to strengthening the breeding management of adapted ewes, so that they have good breeding conditions, they must also pay special attention to the nutrition of breeding rams. After the breeding starts, let the breeding rams eat enough grass, and depending on their physical fitness, breeding tasks, and sexual desire, each head is supplemented with 0.5-1 kg of wheat bran, beans, cakes and other concentrates and 2~ eggs per day. 3, 10 grams of bone meal, 15 grams of salt, fed in 3 doses. You can feed more at night to allow it to be digested and absorbed during the night rest to restore physical strength, which is beneficial to the next day of breeding.

Optimal mating

It is necessary to master the estrus period of the ewes and breed them in time. The estrus of the ewe is manifested by loss of appetite, restless screaming, flushing and swelling of the vulva, vaginal discharge, frequent tail shaking, and the duration of estrus is 1 to 2 days. Ovulation begins 30 to 40 hours after estrus, so it is most likely to be fertilized by breeding about 30 hours after estrus. The breeding of ewes is relatively smooth, especially in the end of estrus, they can be conceived after one breeding. In production practice, the method of two breedings is usually adopted, and the second breeding is carried out 12 hours after the first breeding, which can improve the conception rate of the ewes.


After the ewes are bred and conceived, improper feeding and management can easily cause premature delivery or miscarriage. It is forbidden to feed moldy and toxic forage grass; it is strictly forbidden to drink ice water on an empty stomach; it is strictly forbidden to be frightened, run, jump, etc. during grazing, especially to prevent each other from squeezing when entering and leaving the gate or supplementing feeding; for habitual or congenital Ewes with sexual abortion should be injected with veterinary fetus injection liquid for prevention.

Disease prevention and control Autumn is the season when epidemic diseases are frequent and prevalent. In addition to deworming sheep with levamisole or albendazole, and injecting vaccines to prevent infectious diseases, it is also necessary to prevent and control common goat diseases. If you have a cold or cough, you can use mint, perilla stalks, orange peel and decoction, add a little salt, or use yellow gardenia, loquat leaves, decoction, and gastroenteritis. In addition, remove the residues and grass from the sheep shed frequently to keep the shed dry and clean. Use 2% caustic soda solution, 3% carbolic acid solution or 2% formalin solution to disinfect regularly. Brush the sheep frequently to strengthen blood circulation and enhance disease resistance.

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