Prevention and treatment of sheep bronchitis

2020-10-16 17:48:49 Dy

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1. Strengthen feeding management, pay attention to supplying high-quality and easy-to-digest feed and clean drinking water to enhance the disease resistance of sheep; the pens should be well ventilated and dry and sunny; the density of each pen should be moderate.

2. Treatment and control of infection: 20 ml of 10% sulfadiazine injection can be used for intramuscular injection; 400,000-800,000 units of penicillin, 0.5 g of streptomycin, one intramuscular injection, twice a day, continuous injection for 2-3 days. 400,000-800,000 units of penicillin and 2-3 ml of 0.5% procaine can also be used for direct intratracheal injection.

3. Symptomatic treatment: When the body temperature of the sick sheep is too high, use Analgin 2ml or Antongding 2-4ml intramuscular injection, 2 times a day. When there is a dry cough, an antitussive and expectorant can be given, with 15 grams of ammonium chloride, 0.4 grams of potassium antimony tartarate, 2 ml of almond water, and mixed with water. To relieve fever and strengthen the heart, use 2-5 grams of compound aminopyrine or sodium salicylate, orally; 10% sodium camphorsulfonate injection, 2-3 ml, once intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

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