Correctly handle the problem of overeating concentrates for cattle and sheep

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Grasp the pathogenesis and treat early. Cattle and sheep overeating concentrated feed have no clinical symptoms in the early stage; the main symptoms in the middle stage are mental fatigue, head down and eyes closed, belly full, reluctance to walk, increased breathing and heartbeat, conjunctival flushing, dry mouth and nose; later symptoms are He is lying on the ground, his head tilted to one side, his head is not raised, his eyes are not open, and there is a lot of fluid in his abdomen.

Correct dehydration and acidosis. The cause of death of this disease is mostly caused by dehydration and acidosis. From the pathological point of view, dehydration and acidosis often occur quickly, so it should not be taken care of.

It is strictly forbidden to use salt elixirs or allow them to drink large amounts of water. The acid of the disease increases sharply, attracting a large amount of water in the blood vessels to penetrate into the stomach. If the salt is administered, the dehydration will be aggravated; if the patient is allowed to drink a lot of water, the fluid in the abdominal cavity will increase, and the abdominal pressure will increase. The leg pain makes it difficult to stand, which can aggravate lying down.

Choose the right method of treatment. Ingestion of granular concentrates should be injected into the three stomachs at the right time. Ingestion of crushed concentrate, the first choice of treatment is gastric lavage, because the three stomachs are the transfer station of the digestive system, the three stomachs are unblocked, the chain reaction of each stomach is normal, the rumen food can move down, and the food in the fourth stomach Mi can be pushed back, accumulated food can be eliminated, and patients can be removed. Therefore, the three stomach injections should be given in due course.

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